Behind every successful organisation is a common vision

We include analysis, creativity, and a clear purpose into everything we do. Our goal is to establish ourselves as an organisation of reference for the multitude of stakeholders, in terms of product offerings and as a working and functional organisational model for purposes beyond profit.

We treasure the past, we experiment with the future. 

Meanwhile, we give answers to the present. We explore innovative product combinations that are answers for maintaining the balance between economic objectives and territorial bonds, between technological innovation and the environment, between vision of the future and everyday reality. 
Investing, improving and accepting challenges is our way of creating shared value.

Ours is a compass with four orientation indicators


Profit is an indispensable element, but if we do not achieve it with respect for people and the environment, we fail to recognise ourselves, as individuals and as a whole in the organisation. We always act responsibly.


We have earned it over time to the sound of concrete results, showing it first to our interlocutors. It is a rare and precious commodity on the use of which we are inflexible. Respect is a fundamental aspect of our behaviour, an essential factor in our success.


Lateral thinking is the characteristic that has enabled CEL Components to create infinite combinations of skins, cores and glues, producing an incalculable number of square kilometres of panels.


Rights and equal opportunities, differences of belief and diversity of ethnicity or gender. We have always been committed to breaking down every possible barrier. CEL Components is an empathetic, safe working environment where sharing is encouraged and considered a true professional and cultural asset.


The way we are

Thirty years of continuous activity is a wonderful sign of longevity. It is the silver lining for those who have always kept their word.


We generate more value together. Each of us plays a key role at CEL Components. The result of the individual is the sap for the success of the group, and the group is a great strength for the individual when seeking his or her own result. We combine efforts and capabilities in one direction because that is how we can accelerate growth by overcoming obstacles.


What we say is what we do. We shy away from making commitments that are impossible to fulfil, we are clear and unambiguous in negotiations. Panel after panel, our attitude has become an established added value that every employee, customer and supplier can rely on.


We address countless fields of application. Keeping up with the evolution of each individual context is possible if the organisation in turn metabolises change. We go the extra mile, anticipating the times by imagining and testing the product for the demand to come.