Aluminium powder

Aluminium powder: a valuable industrial byproduct

From aluminium processing comes aluminium powder, a valuable byproduct.

Our company is committed to maximising every aspect of the production process, including the recovery and sale of materials such as aluminium powder.

This versatile material finds application in a wide range of industrial sectors: from construction to paint production, from composite materials to pyrotechnic.

Technical datasheet

Data +
Aluminium powder
Collected in Big Bag
Particle size
10% < 75,5 µm - 50% < 215,7 µm - 90%< 493,6 µm
Serie 3000



LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: The above data are to the best of our knowledge correct and are intended to give information about our products and their potential applications. No warranty is given or implied in respect of certain properties of the products or their suitability for a particular application. We reserve the right for technical changes without further notice. We guarantee impeccable product quality under our terms of sale.


To allow us to offer you a panel with particular finishes or colors without minimal pigment variations, it is recommended to place an overall order , so that we can plan the production with the rolling mills that will carry out the painting of the sheets in a batch.

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