Ballistic honeycomb panels

Sandwich panels that can be used as protection for civil and military targets.

These panels can be used to protect buildings and critical facilities from possible explosive attacks. They are also used to protect ships from mines or to reduce the effects of shock waves generated by underwater explosions.

A composite is created by mixing materials with different properties. This combination gives the composite material superior mechanical characteristics of lightness and strength compared to individual materials.

Honeycomb panels have extraordinary potential when applied in ballistics. They can absorb strong shock waves, absorb shrapnel and retain fragments. They are also very light and therefore easy to transport.

Compared to normal kinetic absorption strategies, composite materials offer modular solutions with low space consumption. They can also be easily assembled and replaced.

An application for every material

The options available depend on requirements:

  • polypropylene is a rigid material with good thermal insulation and resistance to water and moisture.
  • Technical fabrics can increase the panel's properties. For example, the use of a para-aramid fabric prevents perforations.
  • The thick aluminium structure absorbs impacts due to its ability to deform.



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