Aeraulics and refrigeration

Honeycomb sheets to laminarise airflow and increase efficiency for industrial refrigerators, refrigerated display cases, ventilation systems and wind tunnels 

Polycarbonate, tough and clean

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material distinguished by its excellent mechanical, thermal and transparency properties. It is light, impact-resistant, clean and easy to work with. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for the production of refrigerated display cases, ventilation systems and wind tunnels.  Laminar directional flow ventilation deflectors made of polycarbonate significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of air flows. This eliminates turbulence, reducing pressure losses, energy consumption and noise.

Polycarbonate is also an environmentally friendly material, as it can be easily recycled and does not emit harmful substances during production or use.

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Aluminium, strong and lightweight

Aluminium honeycomb is a light and strong material that is used in ventilation systems and wind tunnels. The hexagonal cells allow excellent air circulation, making it ideal for use in these devices. Its lightweight allows easy installation and maintenance of the systems. 

Aluminium honeycomb is also used in the construction of wind tunnels.

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